April & May hearts


This made me smile...
1. Butterflies through weheartit
2. Hummingbird plate by Chik Design
3. White Owl lamp by White Rabbit England

butterflies and more...


Some inspiration for a shoot next week. Especially love the butterflies and colors...but what about some other insects as decoration in your home? Looks pretty nice I think.

Images by BugUnderGlass and Skonahem

Birdsintrees: inspired by nature


Time is frozen,
inspired by nature...

image by Birdsintrees

Miho Unexpected

Discovered Miho Unexpected yesterday while on a inspirational shopping trip. I have got something with birds....so just watch the movie and enjoy!



A big fan of vases,
to collect,
and every now and then,
just change them.
A whole new fresh feeling in your home bringing you a smile...

Image through VTwonen

April & May hearts


This made me smile...
1. True love by Fryd+design
2. IKEA Homemade is best by Evelina Bratell 
3. Butterflies by this blog
4. Peoples park by Kurt Tong (through Pia Jane Bijkerk)

Hidden identity


Hidden identity
Being anonymous,
hidden and disguished,
providing a feeling of protection and safety.

Do you want to go undercover?

Images by April & May

round and beautiful


A beautiful way of showing and storing your home treasures...
A design by Annaleena and found on her lovely blog here.

hanging vases

Last week I came across these beautiful hanging vases by Otchipotchi. And today I found some other by Wendy Jung. Love the clean and simple look and this will certainly add something special to your wall.

Also Bloesem blog has mentioned the lovely products of Otchipotchi which you can read here.

Images by Otchipotchi and WendyJung

Cable & Cotton


Cable & Cotton makes and sells these wonderful cotton light balls. 

The balls are made of natural cotton which is hand-dyed and shaped. They are a great and unique gift for someone special or a little treat for yourself. The lights can be used in a number of ways....Take a look at the Cotton & Cable website to see more color combinations and ways to use the light balls.

Images through the Cotton & Cable website

April & May hearts


This made me smile :)

1. Pinframe by Tom Frencken
2. Baby Deer by Sharon Montrose
3. Chalkboard book by Erinzam
4. Decoration by Hearblack

Have a great weekend!

Intimate feelings


Intimate feelings
Showing its true personality,
a sense of intimacy.
Stripped down to its personality, 
brought back to the essence.
A story of unveiling identity and inner beauty...

Will you show your true identity?

Images by April & May

susanna bauer


I go walking.
I look at plants and pick up leaves, pebbles and sticks.
I give my time to materials, colours and form.

My work becomes my diary.

by Susanna Bauer

silent poetry


space and

The key words for this home owned by Dutch felt designer Paula Leen. Look for her work at poetryworld.nl.

Images by Hotze Eisma

birdsintrees: modern loft feeling


A little while ago we did a part I of an interior shoot by Birdsintrees. We are working very hard on several projects of our one and some interior peeks. Our website is on the make and soon we will launch the coming soon page with a little bit more information about Birdsintrees.

Hope you enjoy the pictures above already....Soon more!

Images by Birdsintrees


When visiting Elle Inside Design one of the beautiful and inspiring rooms was a project GRADIENT by Mieke Cuppen and Linde Freya Tangelder. Gradient is a project and a series of photos where the color gradations in food were researched, elevating food into a showpiece. The amount of color gradations, the story between food and glassware and how these two increase each other were the things they noticed during this project.

The series of photos became the inspiration for a glass object. An object which can be uses in two ways. Mieke and Linde have worked on a book showing all the pictures. They have some plans with the book and of course I will keep you informed when I know more.

Want to see more work of Mieke Cuppen, please visit her website here.

Images by Mieke Cuppen and Linde Freya Tangelder.

Elle Inside Design part II: IJM studio


One of the 4 design spots during Elle Inside Design was the location of IJM studio by Frank Visser.
IJM studio works on many productions for the Dutch interior magazine Elle Wonen. At the IJM studio there was much to explore, unique decors in the IJM style with many beautiful matte colors and unusual color combinations. A kind of a fairy tale world where everything can be seen.

I also made a photo report for Bloesem blog from this design spot which you can see here.
Please also visit the website of IJM studio where you can see so many beautiful things to inspire...

Elle Inside Design part I

About 1,5 week ago the Elle Inside Design event took place at the Loyd Hotel in Amsterdam and at 4 design spots in the city. It is always a delight to visit this event where designers, shops and brands show their product in one of the hotel rooms in a special way.

I made a full photo report for Bloesem blog which you can read and see here. Thanks Irene from Bloesem blog for giving me the opportunity of doing this. Also Nu interieurontwerp did a photo report for Bloesem which you can see and read here. Later on part II of this event where I have visited IJM studio...

Images by April & May